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Voice Services & SIP Trunking - Domestic & International

Toll-Free – Long Distance – DIDs – FoIP – Teams

OmniVoIP SIP Trunking from USA Digital helps you simplify your network and reduce expenses, while enabling and enhancing your unified communication (UC) solutions. We provide the most flexible connectivity options in the industry, allowing you to scale to fit your business needs while keeping your communications secure. We own, operate and manage the most reliable IP Voice backbone available, delivering the highest quality audio and superior service, and allowing you to lower your costs by migrating away from legacy technologies. 


OmniVoIP voice solutions work especially well for Local Exchange Carriers (LECs, ILECs, CLECs), MSPs, and Telecom carriers, as well as businesses who want to manage and maintain their own switching and PBX infrastructure. 






Toll Free

Our toll-free service is the best. Really. 

We offer a uniquely reliable and high-quality service, built on our fully redundant IP backbone. Our network features redundancy at every layer, including the geographic, infrastructure, and carrier layers, which provides the best business continuity and high-availability. Unlike other Toll Free networks, we proactively route around outages for unmatched up-time for your business. 


As with our Toll Free services, USAD’s Direct Inward Dial (DID) solutions are designed for advanced call handling and routing capabilities. We do it all, from single line small businesses to complex multi-national, multi-location enterprises, all at very competitive rates. 

Long Distance

USAD offers best-in-class long-distance termination solutions. including flexible and customizable features and extremely competitive pricing. We keep your phone calls secure and protect your personal information with our state-of-the-art encryption options ensuring that you never have to worry about privacy. From custom routing options to call types, you can trust USAD’s solutions are the best on the market.

International Voice

We have you covered with a global network of voice communication capabilities, including Long Distance, DIDs, and Toll Free options including ITFS and UIFNs. We have built our international voice backbone on high quality carrier-partners, avoiding “gray routes” and focusing on quality and completion, while offering very competitive rates.


Teams Voice

If you are using Microsoft Teams for your business voice services and want to reduce your costs, we can help. With USA Digital’s Teams Trunking*, you can use our superior IP voice (VoIP) network from within your Teams environment. Implementation is quick and easy, and our excellent support team is available to guide you through the entire process. Save significant money while continuing to take advantage of all the great things Teams provides you now.


Faxing over the internet is a difficult task. USA Digital does it exceptionally well, because we do it differently. Our Fax over IP (FoIP) network is built for unparalleled deliverability, reliability and quality, utilizing only T.38-certified carrier partners in route, with built-in options for G.711 codec as well. Our FoIP infrastructure is built to handle high-volume and high-importance faxing scenarios, serving the health care and financial industries, among others. USAD FoIP offers the highest deliverability in the industry, along with the most competitive pricing.


CallDirector from USA Digital gives you on demand, real time call routing control of your toll-free or DID calls. Using the convenient online portal, you control the rules, schedules, and destination routing. You have the ability to change your business call routing in real time, direct your calls to any on-net trunks, off-net destinations, or international numbers. This allows you to maintain business continuity with no CapEx or need for additional equipment.


  • Worldwide network – high quality, low cost domestic and international calling, built on the most reliable IP Backbone in the industry.

  • Compliance - our network is built to help you maintain compliance in your communications, including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and others

  • PBX-Agnostic - Use any current infrastructure to interconnect with our network

  • Time-based routing – Custom route by time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year or combine to suit your needs.

  • Business Continuity – Keep your revenue flowing with Disaster avoidance and other emergency routing.

  • Geographic routing – Custom route or block calls by LATA, Area Code, or individual phone number(s).

  • Percent Allocation routing – Direct the calls where you need them for load balancing or other staffing requirements.

  • Completion routing – Intelligent call routing ensures call completion that exceeds FCC requirements.

  • Telephony Denial of Service Mitigation – Protect your ability to receive calls by preventing TDOS attacks..

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