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Voice Services & SIP Trunking

Toll-Free – Long Distance – DIDs – FoIP

Domestic & International – STIR/SHAKEN

USA Digital was one of the first of 12 carriers to be authorized for STIR / SHAKEN to token calls. As an early adopter for this framework, we have the expertise to provide this Tokening-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution for you. This means USA Digital can token your calls utilizing your certificate from iconectiv. Implementation is often quick and easy. Call us today to discuss the best approach for your network - 800.746.1405


Our unique infrastructure and state-of-the-art voice solutions are a perfect fit for LECs, ILECs and CLECs of all sizes who need wholesale Long Distance, Toll-Free, DIDs and Wireless services.

Our comprehensive voice solutions allow for a quick migration from your traditional switched, TDM, or existing SIP trunks, to USAD’s reliable and redundant SIP network, while significantly reducing costs from transport to RBOC access and local tandems.

We provide best-in-class service with all call types being STIR/SHAKEN compliant. USAD is dedicated to completing all calls.

  • USA Digital is a Registered FCC Intermediary Provider and is in compliance with Rural Call Completion requirements.

  • NO LEAST COST ROUTING.  NO Revenue Assurance route changing.

  • Feature Group D Network for the highest available call completion and call quality 

  • No usage requirements – We want to earn your business.

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