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Hosted Voice for Business

Calls – Voicemail – Auto Attendant - Call Queues 


Video & Collaboration

Conferencing - Coworking - Recording

OmniVIDEO from USA Digital combines a robust video meeting solution with powerful collaboration tools that keep you connected with your clients and employees, helping you grow efficiently and effectively while managing expenses.

Video Meetings

  • Download-free video conferencing

  • Document and screen sharing

  • Scheduling with auto invitations and reminders

  • Online whiteboard

  • Chat interface, individual and group

  • Breakout rooms

  • Annotation and laser pointer

  • Recording and transcriptions with mood and tone analysis

Webinars & Events

  • Engage on any device - mobile, table, desktop

  • Pre-record or cast live

  • Polls and surveys

  • Engage with your audience through chat

  • Connect and stream live to YouTube

  • Get insights into who joined and more with our powerful analytics dashboard

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Hosted Voice for Business

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Business Text Messaging

SMS – MMS - Chat

Text Messaging for Business 

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