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Business Text Messaging

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OmniTEXT is a cloud-based enterprising messaging application that lets your customers send and receive text messages from any number. Your business can leverage the power of mobile messaging by including SMS and MMS in your marketing and customer service efforts. With many enterprise features available, OmniTEXT provides many ways for any business to grow.


Messaging means instant and easy communication for your customers and your business. OmniTEXT provides these benefits:

  • Nationwide text- enablement for any U.S. based number through a user-friendly platform

  • Company Text Messaging

  • Send auto-responses that are triggered by keywords

  • Maintain and search archive of customer communications for your business messages

  • Create shared numbers that can be accessed by teams, e.g. customer service

  • Respond to texts they are already receiving

  • Engage your entire audience by messaging your customers at scale and easily engage in 2-way conversations in the platform


Enhance your customers’ engagement with messaging with P2P and A2P features which allows them to send and receive messages quickly, reliably and securely. Providing you access to a network that will allow custom integrations via APIs in our CPaaS platform.

Texting Facts

  • 6.65 billion people have smartphones in 2022

  • Around 83.72% of the world’s population owns smartphones.

  • Not only that, but roughly 7.3 billion people own a phone (both smart and feature phones) that can receive messages. That’s about 92% of the global population.

  • An Open Market survey found that at least 75% of Millennials would prefer text messages for scheduling/verifying appointments, deliveries, and coupons.

  • Texting is 3X faster than calling

  • Average text response time is 90 second or less

  • Text messages are read in under 2 seconds on average


Coming Q2 of 2023!

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